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Poetry from the Second (Poetry Collection)

Northern He turned to me in despise. I can't make myself suffer like humans do. I'm just a ready-made suffering god a hanging man feet upstairs head too close to the ground to imagine anything nonexistent.

Round One more round to show the world you're the good runner.

One more round your breath is getting deeper.

Deeper than your thoughts. That's what you wish for in any physical relationship.

Running every evening after work, after dinner.

The kids are safely in bed. You can leave an empty box, The home.

Running around the local cemetery. There are lots of trees. That's good for your breath. Lots of leaves.

Running around the chapel.

Nobody knows whether it's a good idea to pray for one more round.

The Liberty Bell I'm hiding inside of the Liberty Bell, I don't believe the bricks could keep my secrets. And I don't think the people could ever understand the Pact of Privacy signed on doors. I don't see the roof covering my skin. I don't feel the rain trying to kill me. The only reason I want to die is the neighbour's dog sniffing around the Liberty Bell.

The Only Candle You're not buying a computer. You're buying an opportunity to throw something out of your life. You're not making money. You're making excuses not to think all life long leave by leave creating stairway to being a better person. Beware to ever put it in the flames of your mind.

Swans I love swans hanging from the postcards. Too aggressive to be dirty.

Occupational Another brick in the wall I feel I'm growing small. It wasn't quite a good call to stack soup cans in the mall.

Haiku Moonlit night, the spiral of a shell seen in my mind.

Western It must extinct to be children-played. It must be erased to be faked. White man is nothing but a paper scared.

Romantic I feel temptations to leave the world for another man.

Sound The egoism of singing destroys the purity of the sound speaking to your heart.

AA I’m not sure can I walk talk cry pry old God was told my mother’s whore or she wanted sth more than just being insecure forced to stay pure women rule men are cool don’t be a fooled she told me and she kept living for me. It’s not like she had no choice it was me lacking one. So I've started drinking heavily since the first day here.

Adulthood My poetry for thee is now typo free.

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