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Aneta Birner

Writer | Performer 


I bring Behavioral economics

to filmmaking and advertising.

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I introdue psychology and behavioral economy to creative fields.
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What about the clients?

They are satisfied.

Lukáš Kupka

"Really professional approach, meets deadlines, price corresponds to quality, smooth cooperation. I recommend. ;)"

Jan Kocian

"With Aneta in April 2020, I solved the texts for a professional presentation. Based on this great experience, a few months later I asked her to collaborate on a marketing campaign for my client. Aneta has the gift of saying (writing) things differently, nicely, concisely, aptly...
The texts are always well thought out, so she is able to explain and defend every word used. The agreed dates apply, the communication with her is great and you will definitely be pleased with the result of the cooperation. Whenever I have to deal with texts, marketing messages, websites and similar things again, I will definitely turn to Aneta again.

Kamila Pokorná


“It's a pleasure to work with Aneta.
We originally got together to talk the texts themselves, and now we discuss almost everything that will be seen on the website. her communication is quick, on point, and she can empathize with the project perfectly. You can't go wrong here.''

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Aneta Birner

 Prague 7

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